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    Email Bounceback management to prevent case comments.

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Currently Email to Case Premium lacks the ability to filter / prevent bounce backs in the event when a case is created with a contact with malformed email address. Standard functionality of salesforce (Setup > Email Deliverability> Bounce Management [Emails from Salesforce or Email Relay Only]) either turned off or turned on have no impact what so ever. 

    It would be good if we can get a configuration section, which your email processor class can parse before a case comment is updated.

    Common identifier on bounceback is ''''.

    Product team can easily accomplish this by adding a flag to the parsing logic. 


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    Ability to "lock" search criteria so end users can't modify on search page

    Existing Feature | Case Merge

    It would be nice if, similar to how LEX reporting does, you could lock default filter criteria so end users can only add to the criteria rather than remove one or all of the default filter criterias.

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    Alerts for the Case Flags Utility Bar

    New | Case Flags

    The Case Flags utility bar displays a list of currently flagged cases (that either your own or are on the Case Team for), and also provides a sense of when those flags will escalate to the next color.

    It would be nice if this utility bar displayed an alert (perhaps in the form of blinking) when:

    • A new (or existing) flagged cases enters the list view.
    • A case is about to escalate to the next color
    From there, if the user clicks the blinking utility bar to see what's happening, the case which caused the alert should be highlighted for visibility.

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    Case comments notes text alignment and Tabular format not enabled

    New | Case Presentation Layer

    When the move data to the case comments section, it looks aligned and structured (screenshot attached).
    But, when they save the text, it loses its structure and the Bold / style characters. (screenshot attached).
    Is there any recommendation to have it fixed or a workaround for user.

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    Ability to disable 'Email Contact' button on Public Comment

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Allow 'Email Contact' button to be enabled/disabled.  Currently a user can select 'Public Comment' and de-select the Email Contact.  This posts as a comment to the case and does not generate an email.
    For Public comment, we would like for the sender to not have the ability to deselect the Email Contact.
    Currently you can toggle the 'Public Comment' to private and save/send with the Email Contact de-selected -- but if an 'Additional to' or Additional BCC is populated in this scenario it returns an error message.

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    Enhancement in Email handler

    New | Email to Case Premium

    There is an issue observed with the way HTML Emails are handled by Email handler class in E2CP.  If there are escape characters used in HTML based email, Salesforce ticket description shows HTML content istead of plain Text / rendered text. 

    It would be good, if the Email handler is enhanced to better handle escape characters.


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    Approval Process for sending New Comments

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Several customers have requested the ability for built-in logic on the New Comment page to submit comments for approval before officially being sent to an external customer.

    For example, if an organization onboards a new employee, they may want to monitor what they're sending to customers for the first weeks / months, making sure what they're sending is actually valid before it makes its way to the customer.

    Today, the Draft Comment feature partially solves for this. Agents can strike up a comment on the New Comment page, and before sending, chatter their manager to see if everything looks good.

    That said, Email to Case Premium customers are looking for a more streamlined approach, and some would even like the ability to completely restrict the sending of comments if they haven't yet been approved.

    I can think of a few ways we can consider for solving this.

    1. Add a field to the User record to denote if the employee is within this probationary period. From there, the New Comment page can reference this. When these specific users click Save/Send, an additional update is performed on their draft comment and that draft is submitted for approval by the employee's manager. We could also look at ways to have this action trigger a local approval process on the draft comment object.

    2. We could simply add a Needs Review button to the New Comment page. When clicked, a notification is sent to the manager to further review the draft. Again, something we could also look at to trigger a local approval process on the draft comment object. This option would certainly apply to all agents (new or seasoned) who want their manager to review their comment on a tough case they're working or just to make sure everything is valid. This option would however not prevent the agent from successfully utilizing the Save/Send button if they felt their comment was ready for prime time.

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    Check for existing values on questions being asked

    New | Simple Survey

    Say you have a Case Closure survey where among asking questions about the customer's support experience, you want to ask customers to verify some of their personal information (i.e. phone number, street address, email address, etc). For some customers, you already have some (or all) of this information on file. For others, you have none of this information.

    You'd likely want to present the question in such a way where it says: "For our records, please verify if the following phone number is correct? If blank, please provide us with the best number to reach you at."

    When defining questions in the Survey Builder, Simple Survey should have an easy way for each question to reference fields on Case/Contact/Account (or whatever object you're surveying from) and pre-populate the answer of the question with the respective field's value.

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    Add Support for Right to Left Languages

    New | Email to Case Premium

    With a growing number of Email to Case Premium users around the globe, we should consider adding support for right to left languages (such as Hebrew & Arabic) within the components of the application.

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    Expiration Dates for Canned Comments

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Sometimes, we have the need to create Canned Comments that will only apply for a short period of time (ranging from a day to a couple of weeks).

    If we forget to deactivate that Canned Comment after it's no longer needed, it remains in the available list. At this point, it's no longer applicable and simply adds another Canned Comment for agents to sift through.

    It would be great if we added an Expiration Date field to Canned Comment, and on that date, if the Canned Comment is still active it will automatically be deactivated.

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    Configure Flag Times by Minutes or Hours

    New | Case Flags

    Currently, Case Flags requires that you define your default timings in hours. If you wanted to have flags set at 20 or 40 minutes, you would need to define the interval as a repeating decimal (.3333, .6667). By adding a drop-down selector for the user to choose either hours or minutes, customers could more precisely define the timings of the flags without needing to define fractional values.

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    Additional Automation and Ease of End User Use

    New | Rapid Products

    I noticed that in Email to Case Premium, there are many available options to change status, add notes, send emails, and more. Why not add the same functionality to Rapid Products?

    As a sales rep, it would save me a ton of time if I can complete the quote, update my status to let's say 'quote sent', add notes if a needed to AND send an email to my perspective prospect or existing customer, IN ONE SCREEN!

    I would be able to make sure I don't miss any steps, be much more agile, allow more time to do other things, etc...

    Also, there could be custom buttons on the button like, save and send quote, or save and new task. What about an export to pdf maybe, just in case this particular company wants to show a visual to a customer on the spot?

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    Configure the size of hover images on E2CP

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Sometimes the hover ability for E2CP is too small to show any relevant information. If possible, it would be great to be able to set the size of the hover image. 

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    Comment Filters

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Give users the ability to configure and add comment filters.  Currently you can only filter by public, private etc.  Allow users to add filters with conditions to allow for other common comments types, for examples:

    1. Cases with logistics/RMA related comments
    2. Escalated comments where the case take needed to request help from another team
    3. Comments of high importance as designated by the case owner or reviewer

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    Create record from lookup field

    New | Rapid Products

    Have the Salesforce native functionality that appears in Lookup fields in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning to create a record from that lookup field or subsequent popup screen. 
    It would be a big improvement for staff as our business requires staff to link records to the opportunity products so that it flows through to delivery with everything they need.

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