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    Enable Template-Auto-Selection-Rules for private comments too

    New | Email to Case Premium

    The idea is to enable the same logic we have today ( to private comments too.

    If possible, we can create rules for private comments and rules for public comments.

    Our user story: 

    1. Support agent answers an internal employee with a private comment with a specific status change.    
    2. This starts an automated Case closure process that the employee can influence by clicking on links in the email template. 
    3. In order merge 2 emails the employee gets (one with comment from E2CP and other from a workflow of this new template) we want to use template auto-selection. 
    4. In the future, this could be helpful for other processes. Replacing workflow rules we currently use. 

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    Show Out of Office Message when Selecting Owner

    In Progress | Change Case Ownership Plus

    When selecting an owner in Change Case Ownership Plus, we should display the Chatter Out of Office message alongside of the name of the user. This will help users avoid changing the ownership of the case to people that are out of the office.

    Show OOO on Change Owner Screen

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    Product Name getting truncated

    New | Rapid Products

    Product Name within the Rapid Product search tool gets truncated after 28 characters.
    The only workaround is to remove all other fields from Product Fields to Search and Display.

    Can the lookup tool along with the fields displayed be modified to be larger, so at least the product Name wont get truncated, let alone any additional fields that are to be added.

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    Choose fields for Find / Select pages right from Case Merge Premium setup wizard

    New | Case Merge

    Currently, we have a link on the "Merge Page" settings that direct customers to edit the Find / Select field sets.

    It would be great if we allowed customers to define the fields right on the setup wizard (similar to what we do for Rapid Products). The Find Page fields would be defined from the "Search Page" tab, and the Select Page fields would be selectable from the "Merge Page" tab.

    Additionally, it would be nice if we included a preview option so that the admin doesn't need to navigate back and forth between the setup wizard and Find/Select pages on an example case.

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    Lightning Component for Sending Canned Comment

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    As Salesforce encourages us to take a more modular approach to our applications for the Lightning platform, we could create a component that allows the user to quickly find and send a canned comment without any edits and without leaving the case record page. Users could search canned comments the same way they search these now on the New Comment page. We would include a mechanism that would preview the comment and its recipients before sending (modal dialog), and allowing the user to go to the full New Comment page to further edit/customize if desired. The component would include an icon showing whether a default file is included with the Canned Comment. This component should be enabled for Cloud Flow Designer as this would enable admins to create local automation that could send pre-defined canned comments when a case reaches a specific condition. This may increase the adoption of the Canned Comments feature as well as improve agent productivity in Lightning.

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    Nested Canned Comments with Preview

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    In addition to using standard merge fields with Canned Comments, we could extend the ability to nest one canned comment inside another. This would be a dynamic reference to another existing canned comment and we would need to check to ensure that the nesting doesn't create an infinite loop by nesting comments inside of themselves. This would solve for the scenario where several variations of the same comment are being created that share sections of the same information. Rather than having to find and edit each comment individually, the comments can be built in a more object oriented way. Along with this would require a means to preview the comment showing what the final comment would be.

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    Suggest Canned Comments based upon what the user has typed in the comment body

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    Canned Comments are a great way to save users time on responses to commonly asked questions / issues.

    Sometimes however, a user may not know a Canned Comment exists for what they are about to type as a response to the customer, and instead of a response taking 30 seconds, it now takes several minutes.

    I'm proposing a new feature for the New Comment page that would automatically suggest existing Canned Comments to users as they begin typing their response. The idea is as the user stops typing, a panel with suggested Canned Comments would show up for quick and easy selection.

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    Duplicate Criteria by Record Type

    New | Case Merge

    When Case Merge Premium is used by different support teams in an organization, the duplicate cases for those teams may look significantly different. For example, consider that one team may be supporting retail customers and another team supporting B2B customers. In the retail case, you may want to more broadly detect duplicates by the contact, but in the B2B case, you may want to look at the account as multiple people from the same B2B customer might be reporting a similar issue. From what I've seen, these organizations frequently use different record types for each logical support team.

    We should provide a means for creating duplicate criteria for a specific record type, either by uniquely defining the duplicate criteria, or providing a means through the standard duplicate criteria to create a logic formula that includes selecting a record type.

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    Support Date Literals in the Duplicate Criteria

    New | Case Merge

    Currently, Case Merge Premium does not support the use of date literals (LAST 60 DAYS) when defining the duplicate criteria. We should support these as documented by Salesforce, or at the very least provide a collection of options for case creation date (or other date fields), such as last/next 7/14/30/60/90/180 days.

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    Ability to edit fields on Master (Parent) Case before completing a merge

    New | Case Merge

    In some instances, it may be desired by an end user of Case Merge Premium to take a chance to update some fields (such as subject, description, status, etc.) on the Master Case upon performing a merge operation.

    We should consider adding an option on the Case Merge Premium Select page (final page before merging) to edit any case fields that display for the Master Case.

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    Case Merge Dates

    Not_Feasible_Salesforce_Platform | Case Merge

    After merging cases, the case feed view shows the merge date and not the actual date the comment, email, or file was added to the original case.  What I am would like to see, is to provide the original date of when the email/comment/file was added after the cases have been merged instead of just the merge date.

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    Add ability to select field to sort by

    New | Rapid Products

    My org has over 40k products - When my reps do searching for specific products they don't always get the most quoted or most purchased items.  We have a field that counts how many units of a single catalog # is purchased - Would love to have the ability to select a field that will allow most purchased items to appear at the top of the seach results as my reps are looking to add items to opportunities and quotes.

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    Search and Add Knowledge Articles from the New Comment Page

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    Can we create a section of the New Comment Page to allow users to search and attach KBAs to the case to avoid having to move back to the case, then into Find Articles, then back to the Case, and back to the New Comment Page

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    Allow Comments public vs private default to be set dynamically

    Existing Feature | Email to Case Premium

    We have a need to set the default on Comments to Private for just one case record type.  Currently the default is an org-wide setting.  Please consider functionality to allow the default to be set by Case Record type.

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    Merge Fields in Survey Questions

    New | Simple Survey

    In an effort to personalize the survey questions for the recipient, allow merge fields from the related object to be included in the individual questions on the landing page. For example, "Describe how well the support agent knows the product" vs. "Describe how well Joe knows Email to Case Premium."

    See this article for additional reference:

    "Personalizing your research initiatives can positively impact the process on several levels. Response rates increase, data quality goes up, your panel stays engaged and your respondents have a better experience."

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