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    Related Case Hierarchy visual for Case Split

    Available Natively | Case Split

    A visual way to see a grandparent case, parent case, and child case that result from the action of splitting a case then splitting one of the child cases.

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    Remove Exact Squares of Standard Sizes

    New | Signature Slayer

    While social icons often come in different colors and variations, they frequently arrive in exact squares, such as 16x16 pixels, 24x24, 32x32, 64x64, etc.

    Signature Slayer could provide an option that would detect an exact square image below a certain size value (such as 20K) and automatically slay that upon detection. I would still want it recoverable in the component and I may not want to automatically add it to the Hit List, since it wasn't confirmed by a human.

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    Adding a fullscreen mode for "Compose New Comment" section

    New | Email to Case Premium

    A button when making a case comment making the comment field to be at full screen. and once done they will click that button to reduce it to normal view.

  • 10 points

    Upload File as a Survey Question Type

    New | Simple Survey

    Allow survey recipients to upload a file as part of a response. This would solve for situations where one needs to submit files as part of user testing, registration, or claims processes. We may want to consider whether the file upload is limited by type, size, and the number of files.

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    Timeline - Allow Scrolling and Sort

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Admins or even end users should be allowed to change the sorting of case comments displayed in the Timeline component if desired. For example for our case reviews it makes more sense for us to display comments from the oldest to the newest. We currently have to use the pager, go to the last page of comments, scroll down to see the oldest one, than make our way up to follow chronology of event, then scroll down again to access the previous page on the pager, then scroll down again to see the oldest comment of that page....on and on.

    Also, admins should be able to configure whether the Timeline component should display with pages (in which case determine how many comments / page) or in a single page, end users scrolling to see the entire story.

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    Create Related Case with Case Split

    New | Case Split

    For companies that communicate with third party vendors, creating a related case through Case Split for that communication could be beneficial.

    Add a new packaged button and split action from E2CP Timeline that says something along the lines of 'Create Related Case'.

    Flow: customer is working on Case A and needs to create Case B to communicate with a third party vendor. Case A should remain untouched, and Case B may or may not use related information from Case A (fields, comments, emails). A relationship between both Cases should be established.

    So after clicking the button or E2CP Timeline action, the user is redirected to a Case Split page where they can relate fields and comments/emails from Case A, fill out new Case Fields and then create the new Case B.

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    Pagination Control on Top and Bottom for Timeline

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    Suggestion to streamline the Timeline component. Currently, the pagination is found at the bottom of the Timeline component. Perhaps the pagination control could also be added at the top of the Timeline for added convenience. Otherwise, one needs to scroll down to the bottom each time we want to get to the paging control which requires lots of scrolling with longer comment threads.

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    Parse Additional Field Values from a Templated Email

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Suppose your business has a system that generates an email message that you want to capture in Salesforce. You know that the message will always have a consistent format and contain data that you want to populate into specific fields on the case. While a direct integration with Salesforce might be preferable, Email to Case Premium could assist with the inbound processing by parsing the email message. Here are the two basic scenarios:

    • The inbound email creates a new case with values from the parsed email and maps additional fields on the case.
    • The inbound email creates a new case or updates an existing case and then creates a related object record using values from the parsed email.

    We would need to create an interface to allow admins to upload a sample message, tag that message with a means to map its contents to fields or a related record, and the email origination to prevent spamming the system.

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    Editing Sales price

    Existing Feature | Rapid Products

    There needs to be a way to not allow editing of the 'Sales Price'.

    Use Case: 
    Our sales reps need to see what the unit cost is but they should not have access to edit the field. Only higher level users should be able to control pricing. This is a basic need that is being overlooked.

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    Display HTML Version in Case Comments List

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    When creating public or private comments with the enhanced formatting editor enabled, HTML result is saved in a Salesforce field. That is also the information sent by email to the customer if using the proper merged field. This is the HTML information that should also be used and displayed to users / support agents when accessing the Case Comments list of a case when using the Timeline component in Lightning, rather than the plain text version saved by default by Salesforce.

    We can all vote on that Salesforce Idea to add HTML to default case comments (13 year in the making...), but I'm confident there is a way in the meantime for Internet Creations to leverage the saved HTML information with the Timeline component so we can see formatted text and images directly in the comments list, which would be a much better experience for case owners.

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    Alert/Prompt when a Unrelated Recipient is Added to a Public Reply

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    Business or use case:

    We have an agreement with our customers to protect their privacy and confidentiality. We have observed that sometimes our employees and our customers have similar first/last names.

    Ex: While working on a case from Customer ABC, if one of our employee '' is required to be added on cc and another customer XYZ has a similar email '' , it is possible that we may end up adding instead of on the case from Customer ABC, violating the agreement with both ABC and XYZ.

    A summary of the idea:

    While adding a recipient on the Public comments, prompt if there is an email from an unrelated customer domain ( or account). The exception is the domains set up as the 'Internal domains'. 

    A thorough description of the functionality you have in mind:

    In the above example, on a case raised by Customer ABC, if added as a recipient on the public comment, show a prompt/alert on the UI that will warn against such domain mismatches. This should not stop from sending the email but just alert so that the composer of the email is aware of this potential risk.

    An error message similar to "Warning: One of the recipients is not related to this account." should help.

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    Configurable Column Sizes in Timeline

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    Looking at the list of comments in the Timeline component can be tricky for users with a vertical screen, because the left column (private/public toggle and picture) and the right column (Preview Email link, list of attachments, Actions) are taking a lot of horizontal space.

    It would be much better if these users could simply drag and drop to modify each column's size in the comments list; this way even on their vertical monitor they could grant much more space to the comments content itself.

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    Include "License Expiring on mm/dd/yyyy" message inside of all application LEX components

    New | Other

    To prevent any surprise license expirations, we should run a check to seen when a license expires when a packaged component loads. If the product will expire within the next 7 days (or similar), we would display a message in the component (or through another mechanism) that says, "The license for <Product Name> expires on MM/DD/YYYY. Please contact your System Administrator."

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    Accommodate "Plus" Addresses when Creating/Matching Contacts

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Modern email services handle plus addressing, or sub-addressing, to support dynamically created recipients. On the inbound processing side, Email to Case Premium treats "" and "" as two unique addresses, allowing one to set Origin, Priority, and Record Type differently for each. However, Email to Case Premium does not account for this when creating new contacts or matching existing contacts.

    Email to Case Premium should recognize the plus address as a sub-address for the contact and attempt to match it to an existing contact. For example, when a message is received from "," Email to Case Premium will search for both the original address and "" to match the contact.

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    Indicator on Case Cards within Switchboard that a Draft Comment is in progress

    New | Case Flags

    It would be awesome if from the Switchboard View we could see if a draft comment is either currently being typed or was started within the last X number of minutes.

    This would allow for support managers to not only see which cases are flagged and need attention, but also know when/if agents are actually taking action on those cases.

    This feature would of course be limited to those who are also using E2CP, as draft comments are part of that package.

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