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    Font Color of Warning

    New | Case Presentation Layer

        The case comments provide an alert if attachments are included or not.
        currently its gray color font 
        users want to have a red font 
        please can you have it ?

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    Retain Existing Flag or Set/Clear Flag during Merge Process

    New | Case Merge;Case Flags

    When merging a case, adding the related objects, email messages, case comments, etc. often results in the inadvertent clearing of the flag on the selected master case. In Case Flags, we should create an event rule that allows the admin to determine whether to retain the current flag state on the master case, inherit the flag state of a child case, or to set/clear the flag during the merge operation.

    For example, when merging two cases together, the existing "In Progress" case is not flagged and the "New" duplicate case is flagged. The existing "In Progress" case should be set as the master case, but since the duplicate was created from a customer action, the resulting merged case should be flagged for follow-up, inheriting the Case Flags timing from the 2nd case.

    What complicates this scenario is handling any existing Case Flags History Tracking records. If both of the cases above have been worked, it is possible that the history tracking records will overlap each other and create issues for any reporting. 

    In a second example, merging two cases together where the existing "In Progress" case is not flagged, but the "New" duplicate case was created from an out-of-office message or vacation auto-responder. Again, the existing "In Progress" case should be set as the master but not inherit the Case Flags timing from the child case. (Hopefully, they will use the Clean Merge option when merging.)

    We should add the appropriate settings and affordances in both Case Flags and Case Merge Premium to accommodate user actions and admin setup preferences.

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    Prevent flagging cases for OOO emails

    New | Case Flags

    Next to the setting for Set Flag on Inbound Email, we should provide an option to define specific Auto-Reply email headers.

    If an incoming email contains these headers, the OOO comment should still be added, but the flag should not be set.

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    Send Same Comment to Multiple Cases

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium

    We are in a situation where the Support department wants to send the same comment on 300+ cases. Rather than going into each case to add the comment, they are looking for an ability to email en masse so that the comment is on the case and the email is triggered.

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    Detect instance mismatches on E2CP routing addresses

    New | Email to Case Premium

    As part of setting up Email to Case Premium, you need to generate (at least 1) routing address under the email service. The address will contain whatever Salesforce Instance the customer is on at that given time.

    That said, customers may be refreshed onto newer instances at a later time, and the address still references an old Salesforce Instance.

    Since we don't know how well these older Instances are being maintained, we should notify customers somehow of the instance mismatch, and have them generate a new routing address for the newer instance. This will help in avoiding random email processing issues that occur down the road.

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    Allow for scheduled refresh / email delivery of Survey Insights

    New | Simple Survey

    Similar to how Salesforce reports / dashboards can be scheduled for refresh and email delivery, Simple Survey customers may want this for the graphs / data generated  by a Survey Insight.

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    Pin image to Case Comment after hovering over it

    New | Email to Case Premium

    In the Timeline, when hovering over an attached image on a comment, we would like to have it pinned to the comment and not just go away after we move the cursor away from the link.

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    Include Upgrade Notices inside of Setup Wizards

    Planned for Future Release | Email to Case Premium;Case Merge;Case Flags;Rapid Products;Change Case Ownership Plus;Create Opportunity & Quote;Take Ownership;Case Split;Internet Creations Labs;Simple Survey;Signature Slayer;Former Positions

    I'm not sure if this is technically feasible (or would require being a non-native solution), but it would be great if our app setup wizards could detect the app version customers are running compared to the version listed on the AppExchange, and if different, suggest an upgrade.

    This check could be run each time the setup wizard is loaded, and display a toast notification if a difference in versions exist.

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    Change truncation on inbound comments to 32,768 rather than 4000

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Currently when an inbound email is processed into a comment, both the comment and the Most Recent Public Comment HTML field are truncated at 4000 characters.

    Since the Most Recent Public Comment HTML field can technically hold up to 32,768 characters, the comment and the Most Recent Public Comment HTML field should not be truncated before the 32,768 character mark.

    Ultimately, this will allow those working cases to see more information in the comments themselves without the need to review the associated email messages.

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    Randomize Picklist Choices for Each Respondent

    New | Simple Survey

    To counteract any bias from the ordering of answers, we should provide an option to randomize the display of picklist options on the survey landing page. For example, when a survey poses the question, "What is your favorite movie?" The choices should appear in a random order each time the landing page is accessed to prevent everyone from always picking the obvious answer, "The Princess Bride."

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    Create a survey link that can be embedded on a web page

    New | Simple Survey

    My organization had a booth at a large conference and we had wanted to drive visitors to complete an awareness survey. It was frustrating that we were unable to do this with Simple Survey, as we wanted visitors to be able to complete the survey from an ipad station, not as a response to an email. We ended up having to use a Pardot form to capture responses and manually compile responses for analysis. Would love to see the ability to embed a survey link on a web page in a future release!

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    Default values for Case Fields on New Comment page

    New | Email to Case Premium

    As an agent responding to a customer on the New Comment page, 9/10 times I change the status to With Customer. There may also be other fields I update in a consistent matter (such as always setting a Follow-Up 3 days out from my last response in case we don't hear back).

    It would be awesome if the New Comment page could perform non-comitted field updates with pre-determined values.

    For example, email comes into an existing case and the current status is Working. I navigate to the New Comment page, and the status automatically updates to With Customer. The status is officially updated in Salesforce to With Customer once I click the Save/Send button.

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    enable adding a link

    New | Case Flags;Front Desk

    in salesforce- object: cases- we have 4 fields with dependencies between them, so I add a link next to them, so the customer can open the link and see the "tree" of the dependencies fileds, like an overview, this link not appear in the E2CP and the customer cant access to this brain page, I want to ask the option to add links in E2CP its important tool for us

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    Live Preview New Comment page setup

    New | Email to Case Premium

    With so many options and peferences for how the New Comment page should display, we should consider adding a Live Preview on the setup wizard as changes are made to the New Comment page configuration.

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    Monthly digest emails that indicate feature usage / time savings

    New | Email to Case Premium

    It would be awesome if each month administrators were sent a report outlining what app features were used and the time saved.

    For example, for Email to Case Premium customers, the email could contain information such as:

    204 New Comment page loads
    89 Canned Comments used
    458 Field Updates performed
    315 Contacts Automatically Created
    37 Cases created via Forward to Case

    45 Minutes Saved
    89 Less Clicks

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