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    Exclude internal contacts from being assigned as the Contact on cases

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Sales Reps generate cases on behalf of customers in a number of scenarios, by sending emails to the support address, rather than manually. Even with forward to case enabled, most times the Sales Rep is assigned as the Contact on the case, and we would like a way to have the actual customer be the Contact. 

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    Set default Case Owner next to each incoming support address

    New | Email to Case Premium

    For those using standard E2C, the default Case Owner can be selected next to each individual support address.

    Email to Case Premium supports case assignment through the use of Case Assigment rules in Salesforce, but this will involve additional steps and ranking evaluation order.

    Along with Origin, Priority & Record Type, it would be nice if admins could also select the Owner (a User or Queue) next to each of the support addresses defined. The thought process is that this would be prioritized over Case Assignment rules, but those rules can still be used as a fall-back if the Owner isn't explicitly defined on the E2CP setup.


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    Display the Custom Aging speed used within the Case Flags Lightning Component for case detail

    New | Case Flags

    Inside of the Case Flags Lightning Component, let's note which aging speed is used. The value could be one of the following three:

    1. "Name of Custom Aging Speed"
    2. Default Aging Speed
    3. Aging Speed set by Local Automation (which will apply for aging processes that don't match the custom or default ones).

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    Display the From Address on the New Comment page preview

    New | Email to Case Premium

    When viewing the email preview on the New Comment page, it would be nice if we could include which From Address is being used.

    For Orgs that have a large amount of support addresses, it can be difficult to know which one is being used unless you run a test or perform a good amount of cross-comparison with the setup experience.

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    Tag people in comments

    In Progress | Email to Case Premium

    We would like to have the ability for users inserting new comments to be able to 'tag' people like Chatter does.

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    Have a History Text (HTML) field

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Would it be possible to have a History Text (HTML) field too, just like the Most Recent Public Comments (HTML) one to be used in email templates?


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    Warning text in the New Comment Page should be more visible

    New | Email to Case Premium

    The warning text for the New Comment Page displays an orange triangle that needs to be hovered over/clicked in order to see the whole message.

    Can we have that made red or expanded from the get-go? If it can be moved closer to the recipients section, that would be good too.

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    Support Deleting of Duplicate Files

    New | Signature Slayer

    Many of our Signature Slayer customers have often had the experience where unwanted social media icons and company logos are continuously received on all inbound emails for particular cases.

    In certain instances, our customers may experience situations where a file (not meant for slaying) also presents itself several times on a case. In this instance, our customers may want to keep the original copy of the file and remove the duplicates. The removal of duplicates would only correspond to the case where they exist, and would not impact other cases.

    There are two ways we could consider going about solving this.

    Option 1: Provide a mechanism inside of the Signature Slayer Lightning Component to show all remaining files on the case which would not otherwise display for slaying. From that view, the user would have the option to review each file, see if there are duplicates, and resolve the duplicates while continuing to keep the original file.

    Option 2: When files are inserted (or when the component loads on a case), automatically examine if duplicates exist, and if so, automatically delete them. Again, this action would only happen if duplicates existed on that particular case (or other object record being worked).

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    Better handling of draft comments between public/private comments

    New | Email to Case Premium

    Right now we notice this behavior involving draft comments:

    1) Add a private comment and don't send it, just close the tab. A draft will be saved.
    2) Go back to Timeline and click on Public Comment. 
    3) Notice that the text from the private comment is there and the recipients are not in the To line, they remain the Available Recipients section

    Can we have a better way to distinguish between public and private drafts?

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    Include Selection of Business Hours in Multiple Aging Speeds

    New | Case Flags

    Currently, one would need to set a particular set of business hours on a case using escalation rules, and you can configure similar criteria using our multiple aging speeds in the setup. Perhaps we can simplify this process by allowing the selection of business hours when defining multiple aging speeds. This could facilitate supporting teams that may have different business hour requirements for different products, teams, or severity of the case.

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    Case Creating Email Address field

    New | Email to Case Premium

    I'd like to know what inbound address was used to create the case. Can you add a new email field to case and store the specific service address that the case came through in it?

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    Notify agents of responses that come in while they're on the New Comment page

    Under Consideration | Email to Case Premium


    1. Case Status = New Incoming Email (Email #1)
    2. The agent begins to draft a new Comment/Reply to the Customer (Draft window open)
    3. The customer then sends in an additional email at the same time the Draft window is open on the Agents side
    4. Status = New Incoming Email (Email #2))
    5. Agent saves Comment
    6. Status = Pending Customer Response
    Agent(s) do not know that there is an actual new email. They saw the original status of New Incoming Email from Email #1. While drafting a new email comes into the Case. The agent saves the case and changes the status to Pending Customer Response. The Agent(s) use the status as their list view to know which cases to work in order of importance. The above scenario essentially overrides the Case Status of New Incoming Email when the Agent saves.
    I don't have a ready solution idea to this issue, maybe a validation/warning banner on save?

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    Configure Button for Queues and Users

    New | Take Ownership;Internet Creations Labs

    My Use Case is that I'd like to use the Take Ownership button to allow agents to "claim" a case from the queue.  Currently, two agents can use the button within a few minutes, and the last one in will win.  The first one will get punished for their speed - writing up a customer response and posting it to (now someone else's) case, creating confusion for the customer.
    What I'd like is some configurability:

    • Make the button a lightning component that has a render rule (don't render if the case is owned by the queue)
    • Make the button so that it will fail (with a message) if the current owner is not a queue.
    • Make the button so that I can configure the text.
    I'm open to solving the issue in a different way.  We've grown to the point where agents stepping on each other is a real problem.

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    Chatter Post on Parent Case

    New | Case Merge

    It would be great if there was a way to have a chatter post on the Parent Case(merge master) that does not pull in the whole case description.  The case descriptions my in org tend to be long and a lot of the end-users have complained about having the chatter post on the Parent case re-hash the description on the chatter feed.
    Ideally, they want to just display that its the master case merged by whomever the user is and the related case number.  Maybe having a choice of what can go in the chatter post might be easier for other orgs in the future.

    We love this tool and this would add great functionality!

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    Skip Logic for a Group of Questions

    New | Simple Survey

    Simple Survey recently introduced the ability to skip questions based on the answer to a prior question. To simplify the creation of skip conditions, the Survey Builder could create a mechanism to group a series of questions together that would have a single set of skip conditions defined. For example, if you wanted to build a survey where several questions were asked when people gave a Thumbs Up, but those questions would be skipped when people gave a Thumbs Down. Currently, you would have to replicate the same skip condition on each of the questions.

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