554 System.DmlException: Insert (or Update) failed. ... FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION


An error similar to the following is sent to the Route Errors to Email Address:

The attached message was sent to the Email Service address <> but could not be processed because the following error occurred: 
554 System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: FIELD_INTEGRITY_EXCEPTION, ......: [LookupField] 


We recommend using an Optional lookup filter. Note: If your organization has duplicate Accounts, Contacts or Leads, E2CP may be using a randomly selected duplicate that doesn’t satisfy the lookup filter criteria while another duplicate does.

Configuration of Lookup Filters is not supported as a part of product support.


This is by design.

Additional Information

See Salesforce Help & Training for information on configuring Lookup Filters.


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