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Additional To/CC/BCC fields on New Comment page are collapsed


You are working on the New Comment page and notice that the Additional To/CC/BCC fields are collapsed which prevents the end user from viewing / adding email addresses in those fields upon responding to customers. Example screenshot below.

User-added image


This is expected behavior when your browser's zoom is set to a number higher than 100% (typically occurring after hitting 110% - 125%).

As the first step in troubleshooting this, reduce your browser zoom to 100% by clicking "Ctrl + 0" on your keyboard. (Zoom can also be adjusted larger or smaller by clicking Ctrl + Plus/Minus on your keyboard.)

If you continue to experience this behavior after getting down to 100% zoom, contact Internet Creations for support by sending an email to


Shortly after the creation of this article, this behavior was identified as a bug. Starting in version 5.11 users should no longer experience this behavior on the New Comment page.

If you're experiencing this behavior and are running a version of Email to Case Premium prior to 5.11, we'd recommend upgrading to the latest version off of the AppExchange.

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