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Are Internet Creations Applications supported inside of Lightning Experience?


You are using an Internet Creations application are are interested to know if the application is supported within Lightning Experience.


Following Salesforce's release of Lightning Experience back in 2014, Internet Creations has been continuously working on redesigning the applications to act as first-class citizens in Lightning.

Following Salesforce's announcement in Spring '19 that they would no longer be adding new features or functionality for Salesforce Classic, Internet Creations, along with many AppExchange vendors, adopted a Lightning-first approach to development.

Internet Creations' applications are not only supported in Lightning, but are now designed specifically for use inside of Lightning. We continue to be able to provide support for functionality previously offered inside of Salesforce Classic, however, all new improvements and features are being developed for Lightning Experience only.

More information on what features are supported for Lightning vs. Classic can be found inside of our documentation.

At this time, Salesforce has not made a formal announcement for sunsetting the Classic experience. That said, organizations who haven't yet made the switch to Lightning should actively prepare for that transition.

For those who need assistance with their Lightning migration, let our Certified Salesforce Experts help!


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