Ask Specific Landing Page Questions Based on Initial Rating.


You are using Simple Survey and would like to ask specific landing page questions depending on the initial rating.


Simple Survey utilizes a field set parameter within each rating link included in a survey email template to determine which landing page questions will display once an initial rating is selected.

By default, when creating a new survey via the Survey Builder, the field set created/selected on Step 1 will be applied to all initial rating links within your survey email template, and all questions added on Step 3 will be displayed on the landing page. This means that whether the customer responds with an initial score of 0 or initial score of 10, they will be prompted with identical landing page questions.

Some organizations may want to use a different set of landing page questions based on the initial rating. For example, some may want to include a "How can we improve?" question for initial scores of 0-6, while excluding this type of question for initial scores of 9-10. Please follow the steps below to implement additional field sets and custom questions within existing survey email templates.

Step 1: Creating additional Survey Questions
  • Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects and select Survey.
  • Scroll down to Custom Fields & Relationships and click New.
  • Choose your desired field type and click Next.
  • Label the field with a descriptive name and place the question in the Help Text. The Help Text will be displayed to the survey taker. The field Label and Description are for internal use only and the field Label will be displayed in Salesforce analytics.
  • Repeat this process for all new questions you wish to add to your survey landing page.

Step 2: Set Field Level Security for Simple Survey Guest User

The Simple Survey Profile controls the security enforced for external survey takers. The steps vary by the user interface you have enabled in Salesforce.

Standard Profile User Interface:

User-added image

  • Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites and click on the Site Label for the Simple Survey Site Detail page, click on the Public Access Settings button.
  • Locate the Field-Level Security section and click View next to Survey.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Check the Visible option for the fields added earlier. Leave the Read-Only unchecked.
  • Click Save.

Enhanced Profile User Interface:

User-added image

  • Navigate to Setup > Develop > Sites and click on the Site Label for the Simple Survey Site Detail page, click on the Public Access Settings button. Type "Surveys" in the Find Settings box and select it under Object Settings.
  • Click the Edit button in the Field Permissions section, check the boxes under Edit for the custom fields added earlier.
  • Click Save.

Step 3. Create a new Field Set to include your new Question(s)
  • Navigate to Setup > Create > Objects > Survey.
  • Select New under Field Sets and provide a Label, Name and description of where it will be used.
  • Once created, you can simply drag / drop your desired landing page questions (fields) into the field set. (You will likely want to add the same fields from your original field set, along with the new ones you've created.)

Step 4: Adjust the Field Set Parameters within your existing Email Template
  • ​Navigate to Setup > Communication Templates > Email Templates and select the Simple Survey folder. 
  • Locate your current survey email template and click Edit HTML Version.
  • Within the template, scroll about halfway down the page to where the rating links are located (see picture below).
  • If you wanted to ask your new question(s) for scores of 0 through 6, we would simply adjust the field set parameter to reference your new field set containing the additional questions. (Example: Change "fieldset=IT_Cases" to "fieldset=New_Field_Set")
 ​User-added image
  • Click Save, send a test email with your updated template and ensure each initial response match the desired landing page questions. 


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