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Authorization Required error on for Simple Survey


You are using Simple Survey, and encounter the following error on the landing page when responding to a survey:

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This error is typically caused by the Simple Survey Site Guest User (special user creating survey records) not having the dedicated permission set or a license to Simple Survey.

To ensure both the permission set and license are properly assigned, navigate to the Initial Setup tab in the Simple Survey Setup Wizard, and scroll to Step 3: Configure Site. Within that section, click the button labeled "Assign License and Permission Set".

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While on this setup screen, ensure that the Default Web Address at the bottom of the page matches the one on the Simple Survey Site setup. To compare, navigate to Setup | Sites in a new tab, and locate the site created for Simple Survey. If any changes were made to the Default Web Address after comparing, be sure to click Save.

Once these steps are completed, send yourself a fresh new survey, and ensure the landing page loads without error. If you're still experiencing this error after following the steps outlined above, please contact support.

Note: If you are using a custom Visualforce Landing Page, you will need to provide the Simple Survey Site Guest User with permission to see the VF page.


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