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Auto Reply, Bounce and Out of Office Emails


Email to Case Premium does not filter based on the content of an inbound email, but your mail server may be able to. Additionally, there are some best practices to ensure that auto reply and out of office emails update existing cases rather than creating new cases.


Many organizations prefer to have auto-replies, bounces, and out of office emails update cases so that internal users are aware of the delivery status of an outbound email. To ensure auto-reply and out of office emails update existing cases rather than creating new, make sure the subject (which includes the Case Thread ID) is quoted in the auto-reply. While you have little control over how external users configure their auto-replies, you may have control over internal users.

The standard Outlook/Exchange Out of Office Assistance does this automatically, but results may vary if the Outlook Rules Wizard is used. In Gmail, be sure to leave the Subject field blank in the "Vacation responder" configuration. Contact your mail server administrator for assistance with this.

Email to Case Premium does not include the ability to ignore, block, delete or otherwise black hole emails because of potential for false positives and the liability that would introduce.

If you prefer not to receive these emails in Salesforce, Email to Case Premium cannot block them, but your mail server might be able to. You may be able to filter on the contents of the subject, or on certain headers. For example, X-Autoreply: yes or Auto-Submitted: auto-replied might be present in the headers, but it varies from mail server to mail server.

Alternatively, you may be able to use a workflow rule or apex trigger that performs an action based on the content of the Email Message object.

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