Auto-Response Email Not Sent


You are using Email to Case Premium in conjunction with Case Auto-Response rules and notice that auto-response emails aren't being sent to customers opening new cases.


To troubleshoot this issue, please review the following.
  • Navigate to the E2CP Inbound Configuration page and ensure that the "Use Active Auto-response Rule" setting is enabled.
  • Navigate to Setup | Customize | Cases | Case Auto-Response Rules and ensure your Auto-Response Rule has been activated.
    • We also recommend including a catch-all rule entry, falling last in rule entry order and including no criteria to ensure that all cases will receive an auto-response email.
  • Check to see if any Process Builder processes have recently been created or updated.
    • There's currently a Salesforce known issue that prevents auto-response emails from being sent if a Process Builder process fires upon case creation updating a Case field.
      • If your organization uses Process Builder, please review all active processes to see if any are performing a field update on Case. 
      • If there are processes updating fields on Case, try temporarily deactivating the process(es) and create a fresh new case via Email to Case Premium. If the new case displays an Auto-Response email in the Emails related list, the process which was just deactivated is likely the culprit.
        • If you perform the steps above and narrow down the root cause to a custom Process Builder process, we recommend you open a case with Salesforce Support providing both steps to reproduce the issue as well as a direct link to the known issue.
        • Additionally, if you're organization needs an immediate fix in place and cannot afford to deactivate the Process Builder process, we recommend exploring using workflow instead of Case Auto-Response rules to notify customers that a new case has been created for them.

Please Note: Due to the nature of local automation, errors caused by custom processes / flows fall out of scope for Internet Creations application support. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services. 


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