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Automatic Upgrades and Minor Updates for AppExchange Apps


Similar to the Salesforce release model, Internet Creations will begin using Push Upgrades in December 2014 to keep our customers up to date with the latest features, improvements and bug fixes. We notify all customers via email in advance of a planned upgrade to provide time to plan and test.


A typical release cycle is as follows:
  1. Customers are notified via email of the planned upgrade date for their sandbox and production organizations. The notification will include detailed release notes so that customers can review the changes and take any action required.
  2. Sandbox organizations are upgraded at approximately 05:00 UTC on the day of the scheduled upgrade allowing customers to review and test the new release.
  3. Production organizations are upgraded at approximately 05:00 UTC on the day of the scheduled upgrade allowing all users to access the improved version of the application. If the upgrade will result in even a brief disruption for end users, we will send an email notification at the conclusion of the upgrade window.

Similar to Salesforce's weekly patch updates, we may from time to time push minor updates for bug fixes without announcement.

To ensure that you are receiving notifications about these updates, please subscribe to the "AppExchange App Updates" email newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What action should I take to ensure a smooth upgrade?
We go to great lengths to ensure the upgrade process will be seamless and automatic. Still, every organization is different, and there is always a chance of regression after an upgrade. To ensure a smooth production upgrade, we recommend:

  • Carefully reviewing the app's release notes.
  • Testing in a sandbox before the upgrade in your production environment.
  • Noting any field set inclusions, as changes may need to be reapplied due to the Salesforce platform behavior concerning upgrading fieldsets.

Why is Internet Creations automatically delivering upgrades and updates?
At Internet Creations, customer success is our top priority. After an exhaustive review, we concluded that we could deliver a better customer experience by automatically delivering upgrades and updates without requiring any customer effort.

Can I opt-out of automatic upgrades and updates?
To provide the best experience possible, every customer needs to be running the same version of each app. encourages all of their AppExchange partners to automatically deliver upgrades and updates because the practice is proven to increase success.

If you have an extenuating circumstance that conflicts with an upgrade window, please contact your Internet Creations Account Executive, and we'll evaluate whether an exception can be made.

If I opt-out of upgrades, will the existing version I have installed continue to be supported?
Internet Creations will provide full support to customers with an active support entitlement, included with your purchase/renewal of the application. This is regardless of the version you have installed.

That said, our support team will often recommend upgrading to the latest version as the first step in troubleshooting an issue or concern. Failure to upgrade if deemed necessary will, unfortunately, result in the closure of your case.

Will I have to re-configure the app, or will my settings be retained?
The upgrade process is designed to retain your settings, and it is extremely unusual for settings to be lost or reset. Because every organization is different, we recommend testing each upgrade in a sandbox before your production environment is upgraded.

How long does it take to perform an upgrade?
Most upgrades take under 5 minutes to complete, but they can take longer depending on the current demand on your organization's Salesforce instance.

Where can I check if updated versions are available?
You can view whether updates are available for all of the installed packages by visiting the AppExchange logged in from your account, click on the user icon in the top right, and then select "My Installs & Subscriptions" from the menu. You will see an "Update Available" link for each listing where you do not have the latest version available on the AppExchange.
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