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Can I adjust the fields displayed on the New Comment page?


You are using the New Comment page included with Email to Case Premium, and would like to adjust which fields are displayed in the Summary and Edit Fields sections.


Fields included inside of the Summary and Edit Fields sections of the New Comment page are obtained from two packaged Case fieldsets, New Comment Case Summary Fields and New Comment Case Fields respectively.

Adjusting the fields included in these fieldsets can be performed by navigating to Setup | Object Manager | Case | Field Sets.

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Fieldset Variations (Optional):

Using Variation Presets introduced in version 7.0 of Email to Case Premium, administrators can define multiple app configurations based upon attributes such as the incoming address (for inbound settings) and case criteria (for outbound settings).

Organizations that wish to configure variations for the New Comment page fields will need to perform the following actions:

1. Create new fieldsets on the Case object for each variation of fields you would like to use. For example, if you have IT, Accounting, and Marketing teams that would each like to view/edit fields only pertaining to their department specifically, you will need to create a fieldset for each team.

2. Under the Global tab in the Email to Case Premium Setup, create a Variation Preset for each of your use cases that warrants a unique collection of fields on the New Comment page.

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3. Under the New Comment Page tab in the Email to Case Premium Setup, click the Add/Edit Variation button under display, and specify which fieldsets should be used on the New Comment page per each Variation you've defined.

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In the example above, we chose to utilize the same fields inside the Summary section for all teams, while allowing the editing of fields unique to each team.

Note: Summary section fields are always Read Only.


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