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Can I deactivate a trigger included in an Internet Creations AppExchange Application?


You are using an Internet Creations AppExchange application, and are curious if Apex Triggers within the application can be deactivated.


All of Internet Creations AppExchange applications are managed packages, and Apex Triggers within these packages cannot be completely deactivated.

Depending on the trigger, there may be certain settings which can be disabled to prevent an Apex Trigger from performing the entirety of what it was intended to do.

For example, if you are an Email to Case Premium customer, we include an Apex Trigger to assist with automatic Contact creation. If you have disabled the Auto-Add New Contacts feature on the Email to Case Premium setup wizard, the packaged Apex Trigger will still run on case creation/update, however the number of actions performed (and execution time) are drastically reduced.

If there is an Apex Trigger included in an Internet Creations' application that you would like to have disabled, please send an email to and include the following:
  1. The name of the Apex Trigger(s).
  2. Your business case behind disabling it.


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