Case Flag field causing error in Case Views - "An internal server error has occurred"


When you select a View, you receive the error:  "An internal server error has occurred".   This will occur when the filter criteria in the list view contains one or more custom fields from a managed package for which you do not have a license. 

This issue affects all managed packages in Salesforce where a user is required to have a license.



To be able to see the list view, you will need to obtain the required license; contact your Salesforce administrator to obtain that license.  Until then, as a workaround, select a View, or create your own View, that does not contain the custom field(s) in question in the filter criteria.

If additional licenses are needed for an Internet Creations app, you can contact your Internet Creations Account Executive or visit our website for more information.


The above error is misleading and is a platform defect.

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