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Case Flags Release Notes 3.63 - 3.69

What's New

  • The Flag on a case can be cleared when Activities are created. This can be used with call logging or other tasks.  A new setting has been added to the Setup Wizard to enable this feature. (3.63)
  • Case Level Flags allow a specific set of hours to be used on a case by case basis. This can be done directly in the case, or through workflow rules and triggers.  Note that Internet Creations does not support workflow rules and triggers. (3.68)


  • The Initial Response Hours is set when the Case Flag is cleared. This stops the response counter when a rep indicates that a case does not require immediate attention. (3.63)
  • The Previous Business Hours are cleared when the Case Flag Date/Time is modified to better accommodate manual manipulation of the Case Flag Date/Time with automation. (3.69)

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