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Case Flags Release Notes 3.70 - 3.75

What's New

  • History Tracking Reporting. You can enable history tracking to take advantage of a 360 view on a case's lifecycle. (3.70)
  • Organization Wide option for business hours. This configuration option disables organization wide updates on Case Flags.(3.75)


  • Added custom name field for reporting object which is a custom autonumber, only counting records for the associated case. (3.71)
  • Added option to disable use of business hours for flags at an organization wide level and instead enable it Case by Case. (3.73)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Task Type being hidden from the running user will no longer produce a System.NullPointException when sending emails. (3.70)
  • Business hours across multiple time zones no longer miscalculate start and end times of the workday. (3.71)

Known Issues


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