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Case Flags Release Notes 4.00 - 4.16

What's New

  • Salesforce1 / Mobile: Case Flags users can now set and clear flags on a Case from their mobile device. The buttons can be found on the Case detail page by clicking the down arrow button in Salesforce1. Review the Case Flags Documentation for more detail. (4.11 - 4.14)


Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved issue with Case Flags Business Hours start and end time updating daily during a 24 hour block. (4.00)
  • Previous business hours are now recalculated when a case is escalated to different business hours. (4.10)
  • Fixed issue where the Case Flags Business Hours start and end time were updating to the next business day when running as a user with a timezone in the next day. (4.12)
  • Clear and Set Flags buttons will no longer result in an "Error Loading Related Lists" error when used from the search results page. (4.15)
  • Case Flags Escalation Time 1-4 now respect when Standard Hours is selected under General Setup. (4.15)
  • The Set Flag button will no longer update the flag if it already has a value. This corrects regression introduced in the 4.00 release. (4.16)

Known Issues


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