Case Flags Release Notes 4.17 - 4.25

What's New

  • A new Action field on Case Flags History Tracking has been included to log the cause of a flag set or clear. [Change 108452] (4.19-4.21)


  • Case Flags now recognizes changes to business hours within an hour, which is helpful for unplanned closures (typically added as a holiday) due to weather. Previously, business hour changes, including adding or changing a holiday, while inside of business hours would not be recognized until the end of the original scheduled business hours. Now, changes to business hours will be processed every hour, roughly on the hour. For example, if at 12:30pm you decide to close early at 1pm due to weather, you can add a holiday for 1pm - the standard end of business hours, and flag aging will stop at, or shortly after 1pm. (4.17)
  • The "Organization Wide" setting now available when Standard Hours (not Business Hours) is selected. When Organization Wide option is disabled, cases without the Enable Case Flags field checked are never updated by Case Flags and the Set Flag and Clear Flag buttons display an informational message but don't update the case. Previously, with Organization Wide disabled, events (Case Created, Case Closed, Emails, Comments, etc.) updated cases irrespective of whether Enable Case Flags was checked, and only the hourly business hours batch skipped cases. Important: If Organization Wide is disabled in your environment, you must add an additional field update to your workflow rule to set the flag on case creation. See for details. (4.17-4.18)

Bugs Fixed

  • Organizations with heavy automation on Cases should no longer receive a Too many SOQL queries error in conjunction with Case Flags History Tracking being enabled. [Change 108691] (4.19)
  • Correct regression where upgrading would reschedule the Case Flags job as the installing superuser, possibly creating issues with case updates during batch execution. [Change  00110854] (4.22)
  • Case Flags fields on the Case object will be initialized properly when Organization Wide is disabled and workflow field updates check the Enable Case Flags field. [Change 00110792] (4.23)
  • Multiple Case Flags History records will no longer be created on case creation. [Change 00111391] (4.25)

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