Case Flags Release Notes 4.33 - 4.34

What's New


  •  Optimizations have been implemented that remove the requirement for a number of fields that have been deprecated and removed from the package. For upgrade installs, you can safely delete these fields without affecting Case Flags functionality however, ensure that there are no local references before deleting and losing any data. New installs will not include these fields and require no action. [Change 105639] (4.33)
    • Case Fields
      • End Point
      • Start Point
      • Now Hours
      • Case Flag Time
      • Case Flag Time Mins
      • Case Flag Time Hours
      • Case Flag Time Days
      • Case Flag Business Time
      • Case Flag Business Time Mins
      • Case Flag Business Time Hours
      • Case Flag Business Time Days
      • zDep Case Flag (Default)
      • zDep Case Flag (Account)
      • zDep Case Flag Business (Default)
      • zDep Case Flag Business (Account)

Bugs Fixed

  • Workflow that sets Case Flags Age Hours fields on case creation will no longer get overridden when Organization Wide is disabled in setup. This allows admins to build local workflow to populate the hours fields without them getting immediately overridden with the default hours by managed triggers. [Change 117847] (4.33-4.34)

Known Issues


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