Case Flags Release Notes 4.40 - 4.43

What's New

  • Case Flags now fully supports Salesforce Files in advance of the upcoming deprecation of Attachments for Lightning Experience Users slated for Winter 18. There is a new setting on the Setup Wizard that can be enabled to set the Case Flag when a File is added to a Case by an external user. [Change 00145965] (4.40-4.41) 


  • Updated email logic to support draft emails. Previously, saving an email as a draft and then later sending it would not clear the flag regardless of the "Clear Flag on Outbound Email" setting on the Setup Wizard. Now it will clear the flag as expected when the setting is enabled. [Change 00149340] (4.42)

Bugs Fixed

  • When using the Set / Clear flag buttons on the case detail page, the flag will no longer be updated for users who do not have permission to edit the case. This will prevent unauthorized users from clearing and setting flags on cases they can not edit. [Change 00142486] (4.40-4.43)

Known Issues


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