Case Flags Release Notes 4.44 - 4.46

What's New

  • The Case Flags setup wizard and associated pages have been updated match the Lightning Experience user interface. [Change 00151852] (4.45)


  • Updated the logic surrounding the "Use Jobs to Set Case Hours" setting to prevent running future methods on all case updates and instead only execute when needed. [Change 00155716] (4.44)
  • Improved the tab handling when using a Lightning App with Console Navigation to avoid an issue where you would not get redirected back to the Case after setting or clearing a flag. [Change 00157201] (4.45)
  • Resolved an issue which would result in the following error when attempting to upload an image to a community for branding, "We can't complete the file upload. Please try again later." [Change 00158758] (4.46)

Bugs Fixed

  • Optimized code to minimize SOQL usage and avoid hitting the following error: "FATAL_ERROR|System.LimitException: FLAGS:Too many SOQL queries: 201". [Change 00156073] (4.44)
  • Resolved an issue related to the Salesforce Console where if the case was the primary tab with no sub-tabs hitting either the set/clear flag buttons would result in the case tab closing itself once completed. [Change 00155633] (4.44)

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