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Case Flags Release Notes 4.47 - 4.48

What's New

  • Case Flags now includes a Lightning Component which can be used to help measure how much time is elapsed/remaining per flag, review if/when flags will reach a specific color and also review Case Flags History Tracking records. [Change 00158876] (4.47-4.48)
  • Case Flags History Tracking can now perform tracking on any standard or custom field on Case, in addition to the previous tracking ability for Status and Ownership changes. [Change 00153688] (4.47)
  • Along with the ability to upload custom flag designs, Case Flags now includes the ability to select from a library of pre-packaged flag designs. These designs have been obtained from Font Awesome, an open source toolkit. [Change 00160620] (4.47).


  • Users can now add multiple Company Domains on the Case Flags setup wizard. Company Domains are used to distinguish between emails from your users and those from customers when setting or clearing the flag. [Change 00162045] (4.47)

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