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Case Flags Release Notes 4.62 - 4.68

What's New

The Lightning Component can now be configured to hide the Set and Clear Flag buttons. [Change 00176080] (4.65)


  • The Lightning Component will now display a friendly message on cases which have not been enabled for Case Flags. [Change 00176485] (4.65)
    • This change specifically affects those who have disabled the Organization Wide option on the Case Flags setup wizard.
  • Improvements have been made to handle the Case Flags batch job, should it fail when running [Change 00177579] (4.68)
  • Styling updates have been made for better support on the Salesforce Mobile app. [Change 00178143] (4.68)
  • Packaged permission sets have been updated, and now include access to the Case Flags Lightning Component controllers. [Change 00179014] (4.68)

Bugs Fixed

  • Account-Specific Hours will now be respected for cases created via email. [Change 00174291] (4.62)
  • Performance Edition users can now update the settings via the Setup Wizard. [Change 00174728] (4.62)
  • Resolved a "No such column 'PermissionsAPIEnabled' on entity 'PermissionSet'" error that was preventing Performance Edition users from accessing the Setup Wizard. [Change 00174929] (4.63)
  • Fixed an issue where the Previous Business Hours field was not recalculated if the Case Flag Date/Time field was updated via a workflow which would lead to an incorrect flag being displayed. [Change 00175169] (4.64)
  • Fixed issue where a Case Flags History record is not created on Case close when Internal Comments is populated and Email to Case Premium is also installed [Change 00177109] (4.65)
  • Fixed issue where Next Flag information on the Lightning Component was not respecting time zones.
  • Removed direct references between the Case Flags Lightning Component and Case Flags custom settings. [Change 00178302] (4.68)

Known Issues


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