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Case Flags Release Notes 4.69 - 4.96

What's New

  • Case Flags now offers a completely redesigned setup experience for Lightning Experience. [Change 00181836] (4.71)
  • Within the new setup, Custom Aging Speeds can be defined, allowing for specific flag aging processes based on case criteria. [Change 00181837] (4.71)
  • Custom Aging Speeds now support the use of cross-object criteria, allowing for consideration of the associated Account, Contact, and other related objects. [Change 00184002] (4.75)
  • Case Flags now offers new event rules to control the setting and clearing of flags for communication with customers via Chatter. [Change 00185607] (4.83)
  • The new Switchboard View feature allows support team managers to see which cases are waiting on responses, better understand workloads and reassign cases to balance work. [Change 00185889] (4.92)
  • Switchboards now have an option to select different field sets to display when hovering over Case Number links. [Change 00191892] (4.96)


  • The Case Flags Utility Bar now respects the time zone of the logged in user instead of the browser for consistency. [Change 00183491] (4.74)
  • Flag Icons will be automatically cloned to related Sandboxes during a Sandbox Refresh.[Change 00174646] (4.76-4.77)
  • Switchboard filters now support DateTime fields. [Change 00191892] (4.96)
  • New Switchboard Views now start out with the following filters by default: [Change 00191892] (4.96)
    • Created Date within the past 30 Days
    • IsClosed = FALSE

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved issue where the Case Flags Lightning Component was displaying an incorrect flag color when the Set/Clear Flag button was disabled. [Change 00181145] (4.69)
  • Resolved issue where Case Flags Business Hours logic was running for cases which were not enabled for Case Flags. [Change 00180820] (4.69)
  • Users accessing the Case Flags utility bar component will no longer encounter the following error: "Invalid definition for FLAGS:FLAGS__FlagPref__c: Access to entity 'FLAGS__FlagPref__c' denied." [Change 00181789] (4.70)
    • This utility bar issue was introduced in Spring 20 with the "Require Customize Application permission for direct read access to custom settings" critical update.
  • Hovering over the utility bar flag will now display the correct next flag time when aging is blank on the case. [Change 00183491] (4.74)
  • Resolved issue where navigating to the "Flags and Aging Speeds" tab of Case Flags setup enabled the Save button before any changes were made. [Change 00185822] (4.78)
  • Resolved issue where Case Flags escalation times were incorrect when default business hours were used. [Change 00186174] (4.79)
  • Resolved issue where Case Flags History Tracking records would not be created for users without explicit access to the Case Flags History Tracking object. [Change 00186222] (4.80)
  • Resolved issue where Case Flags Business Hour records were not accessible by the running user, resulting in insufficient access errors when referenced. [Change 00186296] (4.81)
  • Resolved issue where users inserting a case comment to a case without edit access would experience an Attempt to de-reference null object error. [Change 00186334] (4.82)
  • Resolved issue where deleting a field in Case Flags History Tracking would cause errors on future case edits. Change [00186611] (4.84)
  • Resolved issue where null values used in criteria for Custom Aging speeds would cause Case Flags to skip over rule entries that utilized them.(4.87)
  • Some orgs were experiencing an "Uncaught Error in $A.getCallback() [Cannot read property 'FLAGS__ViewedFlag__c' of undefined]" error when the Case Flags Lightning component is added to a case layout [Change 00187544] (4.88)
  • The Case Flags Lightning Component has been updated to respect custom aging descriptions [Change: 00188850] (4.89)
  • Case Flags Setup has been updated to Read Only if missing the Customize Application permission instead of appearing to save and failing silently. [Change 00188921] (4.89)
  • When clicking on an image in Case Flags Setup, the image preview will no longer be unexpectedly hidden. [Change 00190257] (4.93)
  • In Case Flags Setup while adding or editing a Custom Aging Speed, the Criteria field search placeholder text will now respect the appropriate object name when traversing through lookup fields. [Case 00190729] (4.94).
  • Fixed an issue with Switchboard where Currency fields would not display properly if multiple currencies were enabled for the org. [Change 00191069] (4.94)
  • Updated Switchboard to respect when Case Flags Age # Hours are zero on a Case so that the timers show the correct colors. [Change 00191337] (4.94)
  • Fixed issue where workload bards in Switchboard would not display correctly. [Change 00192054] (4.96)

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