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Case Flags Release Notes 4.97 - 4.98

What's New


  • To avoid discrepancies with the Initial Response Time, Case Flags will now check the headers on the email message. If the email is marked as an auto-response, the flag won't be cleared, regardless of the time difference between case creation and email creation. The header checked is X-SFDC-AutoResponse. [Change 00192290] (4.97)
  • The Case Flags Utility Bar Component refreshes successfully after Case updates are made using E2CP's New Comment Page. This is only applicable for users that have both Case Flags and Email to Case Premium. [Change 00193192] (4.98)
  • The Case Flags Utility Bar Component and Switchboard now take into account default and custom aging speeds. [Change 00192682] (4.98)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed multiple issues with Case Flags Switchboard when it is displayed in a primary tab in Lightning Console. [Change 00192432] (4.97)
  • Fixed an issue with Case Flags Switchboard where selecting filters would cause the error "[Cannot read property 'type' of undefined] to appear. [Change 00193198] (4.98)

Known Issues


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