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Case Flags not Aging as expected


You are using Case Flags, and notice that cases aren't aging as you had expected.


There are a variety of reasons why Case Flags may not be aging as you would have expected. Please review the following checklist to rule out any of the following situations.

1. Review the Case Flags Setup Wizard to cross-reference your current aging process with the aging speed of the case.
  • Within the Setup Wizard, navigate to the "Flags and Aging Speeds" tab to review your aging process.
  • For the case(s) where the aging process doesn't seem accurate, please add the four "Case Flags Age Hours" fields and the four "Case Flags Escalation Time" fields to your page layout.
  • Ensure the aging speedĀ defined on the Setup Wizard match the "Case Flags Age Hours" fields.
    • If not, check to see if you have any local automation in place, such as Workflow, Process Builder, or a custom Apex Trigger, that may be changing the Case Flags timings.

2. Ensure the "Case Flag Escalation Time" fields match the time you'd expect the flag to change colors.
  • If you'reĀ using Standard Hours, these fields will be calculated from a 24/7 perspective.
  • If you're using Business Hours with Case Flags:
    • The values for these fields are dependent on the Business Hours set for the case being worked.
    • If your organization uses multiple sets of business hours, be sure that the "Use Jobs to Set Case Hours" field is checked on the setup wizard.
    • If your Business Hours are not set correctly on the case, please review your active Escalation Rules.
    • Check to see if the Business Hours batch job is successfully running by navigating to Setup | Monitor | Jobs | Apex Jobs.
3. If you're looking at a report containing Case Flags data, be sure to adjust your report filters to only look at cases created post-installation of Case Flags. For additional reference on how Case Flags fields are calculated, please review the following knowledge articles.
If the above-mentioned items check out, please reach out to Internet Creations support by sending an email to


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