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Case Merge Premium Field Reference


This chart will help you understand the fields that come with the Case Merge Premium application, facilitating report creation and page layout usage.


Case Object
Field LabelAPI NameField Description
Merged Bycsmrgp__Merged_By__cMerged By is populated with the running user on child cases only when a merge operation occurs.
Merged Date/Timecsmrgp__Merged_Date_Time__cMerged Date/Time is populated on child cases only with the date and time of the merge operation.
Subject Conversationcsmrgp__Subject_Conversation__cThis formula field contains a shortened version of the original subject,  excluding the following text: Fwd:, FW:, Fw:, RE:, Re:, [Email Loop Protection].

Use the Merged By and Merged Date/Time fields when creating reports on merged cases.  

The default criteria for duplicate detection uses the Subject Conversation field. You cannot edit this managed formula field, but if you wish to exclude more words and sets of characters, create a new formula field with everything you may want to exclude from the email's original subject. 


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