Case Merge Premium Release Notes - 2.3

What's New

  • Field Sets - You can now control the fields displayed on the Find Cases and Select Master pages. Previously a fixed set of fields were displayed on the Find Cases page and all fields were displayed on the Select Master page. Visit the Setup Wizard tab to configure this.
  • Error Logging - When cases fail to merge, a comment is added to the parent case indicating the error. See Solution#¬†00000220 for troubleshooting information.
  • The Description of the duplicate/child case(s) can now be added as case comments instead of being appended to the master/parent case Description field.¬†Visit the Setup Wizard tab to configure this.


  • Quick Save button added to Settings page
  • Merged comments (and Case Descriptions when merged as comments) are better distinguished with asterisk wrapped notations at the bottom of the case comments that are merged.

Bugs Fixed

  • Maximum duplicates listed on Find Cases page is limited to 5,000 to avoid Salesforce governor related errors.
  • Improvements to merging cases with many related records to avoid "Too many SOQL Queries" errors.
  • Improvements to merging attachments to avoid "Apex heap size too large" errors.
  • The "Delete Original" preference is ignored for Attachments (if selected) when a Self-Service Portal user adds an attachment to duplicate case that is already merged. Self-Service Portal users are unable to delete attachments which resulted in errors previously.
  • "Ignore Insert Errors" for the Chatter Follower standard object is now default for new installations. You cannot have duplicate Chatter followers on a case.

Known Issues


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