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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 2.45 - 2.50

What's New


  • Sharing is enforced (2.4)
  • [Email Loop Protection] is removed from the Subject Conversation field (2.48)

Bugs Fixed

  • When configured to insert a case comment with the description of duplicate cases, values exceeding 4000 bytes are now truncated to avoid "STRING_TOO_LONG, Body: data value too large" errorsĀ (2.47)
  • Re-tool attachment handling to due to heap size enforcement in Winter '12 (2.46)
  • The old Salesforce UI is no longer displayed after performing a merge from the Service Cloud Console (2.45)
  • The package is compatible with organizations which have been created since the Self-Service Portal was deprecated in Spring 12. (2.50)

Known Issues


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