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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 2.64 - 2.69

What's New

  • Enable Object Cloning Selection: Previously object cloning was globally fixed in the Case Merge Premium configuration for all merge operations. With this release, administrators can allow end users to select which child object types are to be cloned for individual merges. To enable Object Cloning Selection, see the Case Merge Configuration page. (2.64)
  • Duplicate Case Description(s): A new option for "Add as Chatter Post on Master" has been added. This option is ideal for organizations that use Case Feed. (2.65)
  • Permission Sets have been added for Case Merge Admin and Case Merge End User. If you need to grant access to the application after initial installation, assigning these Permission Sets makes it easy. (2.69)


  • The inline dupe alert (Duplicate Visualforce page) generally included on Case page layout will now load independently of the page itself, resulting in faster load times (2.64).
  • The customizable merge limit (between 2 - 9 Cases) defined on the Case Merge Configuration page is enforced when merging from a Case list view. Merging from a Case list view was previously fixed at a maximum of 3 cases. (2.65)
  • The filter criteria on the Find Duplicates page are collapsed by default to preserve screen real-estate. End users can click "Show/Hide Search Options" to reveal or change the filter criteria. (2.65)
  • Improved support for organizations using Case Feed (2.67).
  • Improved tab behavior for organizations using Salesforce Console. When performing a merge, extra tabs are no longer opened. After a merge is completed, users are returned to the master case. (2.67)
  • The merge option has been optimized when Duplicate Case Description(s) is configured for Add as Public Comment on Master. Case descriptions are now inserted as comments in one bulk operation instead of once per case. Organizations with local triggers on Case Comment are less likely to receive the following error: System.LimitException: Too Many SOQL Queries: 101 (2.69)

Bugs Fixed

  • Link-type Chatter posts now retain their titles when merged. (2.64)
  • Resolved "An error occurred while querying for cases: unexpected token: " due to special characters (including quotes) in case fields or filter criteria. (2.68)

Known Issues


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