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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 2.70 - 2.78

What's New

  • A new merging mode allows the user to enter case numbers to directly choose which cases to merge. (2.71)
  • A new setting was added to the setup wizard to enable Duplicate Tracking on cases. When enabled, records for Duplicate Group and Duplicate Case will be created to store useful information, track the histories of duplicate case matches, and allow users to run reports on case duplication in their organization. (2.71)
  • A Retroactive Search for Duplicates feature was added to the package that allows the user to run a batch class to identify groups of duplicate cases in their organization from a set period of time. (2.74)
  • Four reports are included in the package to provide useful organization wide metrics on the history of case duplication, as well as current existing duplicates. A dashboard displays metrics such as the history of duplicate cases prior to and after the installation of Case Merge Premium, as well as the number of duplicates merged and those needing to be merged. (2.76)


  • Canceling a merge that was initiated from the Case list view will return the user to the list view rather than the Case Merge Premium tab. (2.70)
  • Sharing is no longer enforced on email message attachment insertion. Previously, users would receive an INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY error if the organization had a private sharing model on the case object. (2.73)
  • Optimized retrieval of custom settings during the merge process to use zero SOQL queries. Previously, a SOQL query would be used per each object related to the case object. (2.73)

Bugs Fixed

  • When merging cases, attachments on the child case will now be deleted if the settings are configured to perform this action. (2.73)
  • Fixed a bug where the duplicate case detector would not find existing duplicate cases when a single quote was found in the Case subject. (2.73)
  • When cloning both EmailMessage and Task, the relationship between the two will be preserved. (2.73)
  • When clicking Find Duplicates from a specific case record, that case will be included in the list of cases to merge. Previously, the source case would be excluded from the list of cases to merge if the record did not meet the currently configured search criteria. (2.78)

Known Issues


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