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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 2.79

What's New


Bugs Fixed

  • When selecting an invalid number of cases to merge from a list view, users would see a display message alerting them to merge between 2 and 9 cases, which was not properly reflecting their merge limit configuration. The list view Merge button's notification text and error message on the Merge Cases page have been updated. (2.79)
  • Removed the ability to update the Parent Case when performing a clean merge. (2.79)
  • Prevented Visualforce page messages from being invoked from inapplicable contexts, which would result in the error message: "ApexPages.addMessage can only be called from a Visualforce page". (2.79)
  • Resolved an issue where the Duplicate trigger and batch job would create incorrect Duplicate Group and Duplicate Case records. (2.79)

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