Case Merge Premium Release Notes 2.82 - 2.94

What's New


  • The Shared Activities feature is now supported and multiple contact relations will be preserved on merged task. [Change 104697] (2.83, 2.84)
  • The Max Number of Results setting has been globally applied from the settings page [Change 111200] (2.85)

Bugs Fixed

  • When cloning max length email messages with inline attachments that were created by standard Email to Case, a STRING_TOO_LONG error is no longer produced. [Change 110305] (2.83)
  • A spinner overlay is now displayed during the intermediate page load during navigation in console, preventing users from changing options on the merge in process. [Change 110698] (2.83)
  • Object names greater than 38 characters will no longer cause a "Custom setting value too large" error. [Change 00111818] (2.86)
  • Merging with LiveChatTranscripts no longer causes a Duplicate Value: Null error. [Change 00112207] (2.92-2.94)

Known Issues


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