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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 2.95 - 2.97

What's New

  • The Find Duplicates page now supports pagination and a Maximum Number of Results setting has been added to determine the number of results displayed on each page. [Change 00113227] (2.95)
  • New Show Errors when Merging setting allows for errors to be caught and displayed when merging rather than being added as comments on the cases. [Change 00113226] (2.96)


  • Emails added to cases already closed as duplicate will have their Attachments moved along with the email message itself. [Change 00112601] (2.95)
  • Full support has been added for Live Agent Transcripts and all child objects while merging cases. [Change 00112736] (2.95)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue where object level security was being enforced despite Bypass Sharing and Security setting being enabled. [Change 00114541] (2.96-2.97)
  • Fixed issue where Email Attachments were merged onto incorrect Email when auto response is enabled [Chance 00117384] (2.96-2.97)

Known Issues


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