Case Merge Premium Release Notes 2.98 - 3.11

What's New


  • Merging cases has been optimized and now uses fewer platform resources. This improvement in efficiency may allow more cases to be merged at one time in organizations with large amounts of automation. The exact number of cases varies based on the amount and nature of the automation. [Change 00104869] (2.98)

Bugs Fixed

  • Updated duplicate case detection to avoid SOQL Query Limit Exception that was introduced in version 2.95. [Change 00120033] (3.0)
  • Resolved issue with case appearing multiple times in duplicate search results. [Change 00120469] (3.1)
  • Updated duplicate tracking link to work in the Lightning Experience [Change 00120957] (3.1)
  • Duplicate Detector inline visualforce page on Case no longer incorrectly displays a duplicate count if it does not match duplicate criteria [Change 00121830] (3.1)
  • The following error has been resolved when attempting to merge cases where a validation rule prevents the update: [Change 00122805] (3.11)
    • "Error received: 
      Attempt to de-reference a null object 
      Error is in expression '{!csmerge}' in component <apex:commandButton> in page csmrgp:csmrgselect: (csmrgp)"

Known Issues


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