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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.12 - 3.13

What's New


Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the following error when merging Chatter posts: "[FeedItem] System.QueryException - Implementation restriction: Feeditem requires a filter by Id" [Change 00125664] (3.12)
  • Resolved issue where searching for duplicates on a Case with a subject containing a dollar sign ($) would result in the following error: "An error occurred while querying for cases: index out of Bounds: No group 6" [Change 00126201] (3.12)
  • Fixed issue where Attachments would be deleted prior to getting cloned when attempting to clone in a future method. [Change 00129122] (3.12)
  • "CMP error: csmrgp:Too many query rows: 50001" error when updating a Case with Duplicate Tracking enabled has been resolved. [Change 00130263] (3.13)

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