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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.14 - 3.16

What's New

  • The Find Duplicates page will now display a list of recently viewed cases to quickly add to the selected cases. [Change 00133528] (3.14)
  • There is a new inline Visualforce page for the Case Detail page to display recently viewed cases to quickly merge two cases. [Change 00133528] (3.14-3.16)


Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved issue where a child object was being skipped during a merge when EmailMessage cloning was enabled. [Change 00131735] (3.14)
  • Resolved date format issue on duplicate page for non-US locales [Change 00133372] (3.14)
  • Removed "GroupSubscription" from selectable standard objects on the Configuration page to prevent the following error while merging cases. Error: "System.RequiredFeatureMissingException: Object 'GroupSubscription' is not supported. One or more features must be enabled to access this object." [Change 00134014] (3.14)
  • Fixed issues with duplicate detection where apostrophes or parethetical numbers are included in the search term. [Change 00137340] (3.14)

Known Issues


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