Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.20 - 3.24

What's New

The latest release of Case Merge Premium serves as a maintenance release, and we encourage all customers to update to the latest version. If you have questions about how to update to the latest version of Case Merge Premium, please review the following knowledge article.


  • If merging an attachment fails, Case Merge Premium will now log an error message in a case comment.
    • Why is this important? Due to Salesforce apex heap limits, attachments larger than 12 MB may not be successfully included in the merge process. Case Merge Premium will now surface this limitation in a case comment on the parent case, letting end users know whether to check the child cases for attachments which have not been merged to the parent case. [Change 00142767] (3.22)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where you could not successfully save Subject Conversation or any field on a related object as a Duplicate criteria. [Change 143338] (3.20-3.21)
    • Was I affected by this? The issue was introduced in an intermediary release and only a handful of customers were affected. In the latest version, Administrators can now successfully update and save the duplicate criteria without issue.
  • Updated configuration to use Case Status API name rather than label for Merged Case Status. This corrected an issue where merged cases would not properly close when the label and API name did not match for the selected status option. [Change 00144863] (3.23)
    • Why does this matter? For those using a Closed as Duplicate status where the API Name and Label of the status did not match exactly, cases closed out as duplicates were still being considered as open in terms of list views and reports. We have updated Case Merge Premium so cases closed as part of the merge process will always be officially considered closed.
  • Users without access to the Asset object will no longer receive an insufficient privileges error when attempting to use the Find Duplicates page. [Change 00143504] (3.23)
    • Was I affected by this? You may have been affected by this if your end users had reported that clicking the Find Duplicates button resulted in an Insufficient Privileges error. In a previous version of Case Merge Premium, we introduced a change that inadvertently required users to have access to the Asset object for the Find Duplicates page to load. This issue has been addressed in the latest release and this dependency no longer exists.
  • Fixed issue with case comments not getting properly truncated when Unicode Supplementary Multilingual Plane characters are included. [Change 00143991] (3.22)
    • Was I affected by this? You may have encountered an error message when merging cases that just said "Internal Sever Error." This was due to a Salesforce platform limitation in which Salesforce was unable to properly truncate case comments at 4,000 characters when multi-byte characters (such as emojis) were included. Our team had specifically noticed this issue when cases with large descriptions were involved in a merge operation, as Case Merge Premium can be configured to copy the case description from the child case(s) onto the parent case as a case comment. Case Merge Premium will now account for multi-byte characters included in the merge process.
  • Resolved an issue where a flaw in the related object query building logic would result in the following error when attempting to merge cases: System.QueryException: Duplicate Field Selected: Parent Id. [Change 00147408] (3.24)
    • Was I affected by this? Users may have encountered the above-mentioned error when merging cases if there were multiple lookup fields to Case on the Case object.

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