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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.26 - 3.28.3

What's New


  • In order to allow the Case Merge list view button to be used in Lightning the button has been updated to open a Visualforce page directly rather than build the relevant URL using JavaScript. [Change 00148978] (3.26)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue with searching for duplicate cases where consecutive spaces would prevent matches from being correctly found. [Change 00149241] (3.26)
  • Due to technical limitations preventing the manual creation of Case Milestones the object has been removed from the list of standard child objects available for merging. [Change 00150509] (3.27)
  • Resolved an issue where child records where being included in the merge even when the object was unselected for cloning. [Change 00150553] (3.27)
  • Fixed an issue where having Enable Duplicate Tracking enabled could potentially cause a "System.FinalException: ApexPages.addMessage can only be called from a Visualforce page." error when updating a case. [Change 00150787] (3.28)
  • Fixed an issue where Case Merge Premium Select page would not refresh when using split screen inside the console. [Change 00152265] (3.28.2)
  • Fixed an issue where the Delete Original option on child object cloning did not work for Email Messages. [Change 00152461] (3.28.3)

Known Issues


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