Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.29 - 3.42.1

What's New

  • The Case Merge Premium setup wizard and associated pages have been updated match the Lightning Experience user interface. [Change 00150552] (3.29-3.36)
  • A new Lightning Component has been added, bringing together the "Duplicates" (inline duplicate indicator) and "Merge with Recent Case" Visualforce pages. Details for setting up the component are included in the setup wizard. [Change 00157774] (3.33-3.37)


  • The setup experience has been streamlined, allowing administrators to easily extend access of packaged components / permissions to end users. [Change 00145340] (3.29)
  • Updated navigation in console when merging from a list view to ensure that the end user is returned to the list view they had been previously been on. [Change 00158829] (3.34)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed bug where CsMrgFind and CsMrgSelect pages would not load if their corresponding field sets contained cross object fields. [Change 00160550] (3.41)
  • Fixed issue with column widths relative to the number of fields in the CsMrgFind and CsMrgSelect pages. [Change 00150552) (3.42.1)

Known Issues


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