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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.43 - 3.55

What's New

  • Two new Case fields, Merged By and Merged Date/Time, have been added in order to assist with reporting on when Cases are being merged and by whom. [Change 00165339] (3.53)
    • The above-mentioned fields are also included in a new packaged report labeled "Case Merge Premium - Usage Metrics".


  • Optimizations and improvements for "Search By Text" in the Case Merge Premium tab. [Changes 00161586 & 00161291] (3.45)
  • In Lightning Console, tabs will refresh after a merge instead of refreshing the entire browser tab. [Change 00161616] (3.48)
  • Changed the Cases on the Case Merge Select page from being displayed as rows in a table to display as side by side cards in order improve usability. [Change 00163102] (3.49)
  • Added "Show More / Show Less" links for longer text fields on the Case Merge Select page's cards.[Change 00163102] (3.53)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue where creating a custom case lookup field on EmailMessage would prevent EmailMessages from cloning to the parent case during a merge. [Change 00161653] (3.45)
  • Fixed issue where clicking the case number on the Find Duplicates page would result in the opening of a blank web tab. [Change 00161716] (3.46)
  • Fixed issue with ValidateFromAddress restricted picklist errors when cloning EmailMessage during a merge. [Change 00161946] (3.47)
  • Fixed issue in Lightning Console where Case Merge Premium lightning component would not refresh if the tab was refreshed. [Change 00161616] (3.48)
  • Default Search Tab setting is now respected regardless of how the Find Cases page is accessed. [Change 00163002] (3.49)
  • Duplicate criteria on date fields using the Use Case Value setting will no longer display an error when loading the Case Merge Select page. [Change 00163003] (3.49)
  • Resolved a bug in the Case Merge Select page which resulted in the page not rendering at times depending on certain Case field values. [Change 00163767] (3.52)
  • Resolved a bug where Firefox users would not be navigated back to the Parent Case or List View upon performing a merge operation. [Change 00164484] (3.53)
  • Configuring your duplicate criteria to include a field on a related record will no longer result in an error being displayed by the inline Duplicates page. [Change 00164242] (3.53)
  • Resolved a bug where merging cases in console would merge the cases, but leave the user on the merge page instead of redirecting them to the parent case record page. [Change 00167148] (3.54)
  • Resolved a bug where case comments containing the child cases' descriptions would be added to the parent case twice. [Change 00167101] (3.54)
  • Resolved an issue where users could not use blank values for date, date-time, and lookup fields for their search criteria. [Change 00166893] (3.54)
  • Email Messages are now deleted from child cases as expected when the Email-to-Case "Save Email-to-Case attachments as Salesforce Files" setting is enabled. [Change 00167888] (3.55)

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