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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.43 - 3.61

What's New

  • Two new Case fields, Merged By and Merged Date/Time, have been added in order to assist with reporting on when Cases are being merged and by whom. [Change 00165339] (3.53)
    • The above-mentioned fields are also included in a new packaged report labeled "Case Merge Premium - Usage Metrics".
  • Two new operators added for Date and Date/Time fields: "within N days" and "within N hours" [Change 00169278] (3.59-3.61)
  • All Date Locales are supported for Duplicate Criteria values, when entering a data, a popup will display the date format for your user [Change 00169278] (3.59)


  • Optimizations and improvements for "Search By Text" in the Case Merge Premium tab. [Changes 00161586 & 00161291] (3.45)
  • In Lightning Console, tabs will refresh after a merge instead of refreshing the entire browser tab. [Change 00161616] (3.48)
  • Changed the Cases on the Case Merge Select page from being displayed as rows in a table to display as side by side cards in order improve usability. [Change 00163102] (3.49)
  • Added "Show More / Show Less" links for longer text fields on the Case Merge Select page's cards.[Change 00163102] (3.53)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue where creating a custom case lookup field on the EmailMessage object would prevent emails from cloning to the parent case during a merge. [Change 00161653] (3.45)
  • Fixed issue where clicking the case number on the Find Duplicates page would result in the opening of a blank web tab. [Change 00161716] (3.46)
  • Fixed issue with ValidateFromAddress restricted picklist errors when cloning EmailMessage during a merge. [Change 00161946] (3.47)
  • Fixed issue in Lightning Console where Case Merge Premium lightning component would not refresh if the tab was refreshed. [Change 00161616] (3.48)
  • Default Search Tab setting is now respected regardless of how the Find Cases page is accessed. [Change 00163002] (3.49)
  • Duplicate criteria on date fields using the Use Case Value setting will no longer display an error when loading the Case Merge Select page. [Change 00163003] (3.49)
  • Resolved a bug in the Case Merge Select page which resulted in the page not rendering at times depending on certain Case field values. [Change 00163767] (3.52)
  • Resolved a bug where Firefox users would not be navigated back to the Parent Case or List View upon performing a merge operation. [Change 00164484] (3.53)
  • Configuring your duplicate criteria to include a field on a related record will no longer result in an error being displayed by the inline Duplicates page. [Change 00164242] (3.53)
  • Resolved a bug where merging cases in console would merge the cases, but leave the user on the merge page instead of redirecting them to the parent case record page. [Change 00167148] (3.54)
  • Resolved a bug where case comments containing the child cases' descriptions would be added to the parent case twice. [Change 00167101] (3.54)
  • Resolved an issue where users could not use blank values for date, date-time, and lookup fields for their search criteria. [Change 00166893] (3.54)
  • Email Messages are now deleted from child cases as expected when the Email-to-Case "Save Email-to-Case attachments as Salesforce Files" setting is enabled. [Change 00167888] (3.55)
  • Labels for lookup fields will no longer be truncated on the Find Cases and Merge Cases pages. [Change 00168629] (3.56)
  • Fixed a bug where users would encounter an endless loading spinner on the final page during the merge process. This was due to issues with field level security. [Change 00168580] (3.56)
  • Resolved an issue resulting in the following error when attempting to perform merge. [Change 00169670] (3.57)
    • CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY : csmrgp.moveChildEmailMessage: execution of BeforeInsert caused by: System.StringException: Ending position out of bounds: -2
  • Cloning child objects such as "Community User Access History Recent" may result in an error when merging. This object along with other child objects not pertinent to managing Cases will be removed from the package. [Change 00168761] (3.57)
  • Files added to a Child Case post-merge do not automatically roll up to the Parent Case. [Change 00169896] (3.58)
  • Fixed an issue where having duplicate criteria that did not include your case would show "None" on the duplicate detector even if duplicate cases were found [Change 00169278] (3.59)
  • Fixed an issue where name fields for a custom lookup field on Case would not work on the Find page [Change 00171439] (3.60)

Known Issues

The following known issues are expected to be addressed in versions 3.62 and newer.
  • On Child Cases closed out as duplicates, the Duplicate Detector continues to return results.
  • Users encounter a "No such column RecordTypeID on entity Case" error message on the Find Duplicates page when all existing Case Record Types are inactive.
    • The immediate solution for this error is to either enable one of the existing Case Record Types, or delete all if no longer in use. 


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