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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.79 - 3.92

What's New

  • Duplicate Criteria by Record Type improves the precision of duplicate detection and increases adoption across different teams/departments by providing the flexibility to define unique criteria by case record type. [Change 00181926] (3.83)
  • The Case Merge Premium Lightning component previously included has been deprecated and replaced with two new Lightning components: Duplicate Detector & Merge with Recent Cases. [Change 00183810] (3.83)
    • Duplicate Detector is a new lightning component that allows agents to view and select cases to merge without leaving the case screen and dismiss cases that are not true duplicates. The component also allows agents to view the criteria that the admin set up to find duplicates, giving them visibility into understanding why cases are appearing as duplicate cases to merge.
    • Merge with Recent Case is now its own lightning component allowing quick access to recently viewed cases that need to be merged.
  • Case Merge Premium now uses the term "Primary" to refer to the merged case, instead of "Master" to avoid racially insensitive language. [Change 00187143] (3.89)


  • Optimize cloning of email messages to avoid heap size errors [Change  00178082] (3.79)
  • Updated permission sets to remove access to Parent/Child field values, as well as Field Comparisons on the Potential Duplicate Object. [Change 00187467] (3.89)
  • Autonumber, Encrypted, and Base64 fields are no longer considered when constructing the Parent/Child field values. [Change 00187467] (3.89)
  • Added JSON encryption to the Potential Duplicate object to prevent permission hidden fields from being read as plaintext. [Change 00187467] (3.89)
  • Created the new custom permission: "Assigned Case Merge Premium License".  [Change 00187512] (3.89)
  • Updated CSS styles to prepare for Salesforce deprecating some slds classes in favor of their new BEM format. [Change 00187308] (3.89)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where users without access to certain fields would be unable to generate Potential Duplicate objects. [Change 00187467] (3.89)
  • Resolved an issue where duplicate criteria checking for a blank field did not match correctly and resulted in an error when searching for duplicates. [Change 00187632] (3.90)
  • Updated the logic behind the 'Add as Chatter Post on Primary' option for the 'Duplicate Case Description(s)' setting to prevent the following error from occurring when merging cases with long descriptions. [Change 00188174] (3.90)
    • STRING_TOO_LONG, Body: data value too large
  • Fixed issues related to the 'Enable Bypass Sharing' setting that would result in certain related objects unsuccessfully being cloned to the primary case when merging and potentially leading to the following error. [Changes 00188177 and 00188287] (3.91)
  • Resolved a bug causing a 'The post install script failed' error when attempting to upgrade Case Merge Premium in certain organizations. [Change 00188411] (3.92)

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