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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 3.97 - 3.983

What's New

  • A new Duplicate Case Utility Bar lightning component has been added, allowing users to view outstanding duplicates and merge them together. [Changes 00185682 & 00189290] (3.97)


The Duplicate Cases Utility Bar component has been updated with more options to control available list views. [Change 00190592] (3.983)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed an issue where the date displayed for the Job Status on the Search for Duplicates job page could display the wrong year. [Change 00189578] (3.97)
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading to version 3.80 or higher from old versions of Case Merge Premium could mess up any criteria using the "within N hours" or "within N days" operators. [Change 00189756] (3.97)
  • Fixed an issue where using the "within N hours" or "within N days" operators while using "OR" in the duplicate criteria logic would result in errors when searching for duplicates. [Change 00190244] (3.98)
  • Fixed an issue where single quotes in a text Case field would result in errors when searching for duplicates [Change 00190191] (3.98)
  • Fixed an issue where Emails were not cloning during Merges. [Change 00190500] (3.982)

Known Issues


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