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Case Merge Premium Release Notes 4.0 - 4.17

What's New

  • A setup experience for lightning has been created. It can be accessed via the Case Merge Setup tab. [Change 00189755] (4.0)
  • Case Merge Premium now allows users to undo merges ("unmerge") and restore Cases as close as possible to their pre-merged state.  [Change 00189755] (4.0)
  • Case Merge Premium's Duplicate Detector Lightning Web Component now allows users to view which Cases they have merged and which have been dismissed. Merged Cases can be unmerged from the list of merged Cases. [Change 00189755] (4.0)
  • Added a new setting "Send Case Ownership Notifications on Field Updates" sends out notifications to new Case Owners as the result of a merge.  [Change 00191762 & 00192147] (4.1)
    • Options for notifications for updating the primary Case owner are:
      • Disabled
      • Enabled, notify if the new owner is not the active user
      • Enabled, always send notifications


  • When merging, if one of the child cases has child cases of its own child, those grandchild cases will also be merged into the parent case. [Change 00191410] (4.1)
  • A modal is now used for dismissal error messages in the Duplicate Case Utility Bar. [Change 00192816] (4.13)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issues that would allow user's to add the same Case multiple times to the Find page. [Change 00191565] (4.10)
  • Fixed an issue where using the "within N days" or "within N hours" operators in your duplicate criteria would cause an error with the Duplicate Detector lightning component. [Change 00192072] (4.10)
  • Fixed an error that would appear when clicking "Refine Case List" on the Duplicate Case Utility Bar Component. [Change 00192291] (4.10)
  • Fixed an error in the Case Merge Settings tab where record type criteria would not save. [Change 00191410] (4.10)
  • Fixed an issue where the unmerge overlay text would overflow if there weren't enough cases in the merged cases list. [Change 00192339] (4.11)
  • Fixed an issue with Date/DateTime fields not reverting during an unmerge. [Change 00192339] (4.11)
  • Added a null check for ContentDocumentLink and the LinkedEntityId to prevent unexpected errors when files are inserted. [Change 00192341] (4.11)
  • Fixed an issue where the Duplicate Case Utility Bar component would not dismiss cases. [Change 00192815] (4.13)
  • Fixed a bug where the cloning of TaskRelation records could cause merges to fail. [Change 00192805] (4.13)
  • Fixed a bug where the cloning of Link Chatters Posts could cause merges to fail. [Change 00192805] (4.13)
  • Fixed a bug with the Duplicate Detector where the Merge button would sometimes not work. [Change 00192981] (4.14)
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to Merge Chatter Feeds would result in a SOQL Query error: Implementation Restriction: feeditem requires a filter by id. [Change 00193083] (4.16)

Known Issues


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