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Case Origin, Priority and/or Record Type is not set as expected when a new case is created


Case Origin, Priority and/or Record Type is not set as expected when a new case is created.


Email to Case Premium looks first at the To address(es), then any CC address(es), and finally at the E2CP routing address the email was sent to in order to determine which Case Creation values to apply. For example, if one routing address appears in the To and another in the CC, the To value will be used.

To determine the cause of the problem, start by looking at the To and CC address on the inbound email that created the case.  You may need to add the Emails related list to your Case Page layout first.


In the example above, the email was sent to which forwards to the E2CP routing address When the mail server forwarded the email, the To: address was re-written as the E2CP routing address and therefore that is what is showing in the email record.
If this is the behavior you are experiencing, you have three options to resolve the issue.
Option 1: Work with your email server administrator to see if they can change this behavior and retain the original To: address in forwarded emails.

Option 2: Add your Salesforce routing address to the Case Creation configuration in Email to Case Premium.
If you elect to go with this option, you may need to create additional routing addresses under the Email to Case Premium Apex Email Service in order to distinguish between multiple public facing email addresses.  For example, you may need to setup: > >
You would then specify the (and in your Case Creation settings.

This option (Option 2) works for most organizations, but the following option (Option 3) is fool-proof for properly setting the Case Origin, Priority and Record Type when a new case is created.
Option 3: Utilize the "Set forwarding address for each inbound email address" option to automatically generate forwarding addresses. Then, you will need to speak with your mail server administrator to update mail forwarding to use the newly generated addresses.
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Please note that if senders are BCC'ing your email address(es), the latter two approaches (Option 2 or Option 3) will allow those cases to receive the proper Origin, Priority and Record Types.


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