Case Owner notified of newly added Case Comments


You are managing cases with Email to Case Premium and notice that either:

1) You as the Case Owner are receiving an email similar to the following when a customer replies to the case adding a new comment. (Your Automated / Context User) has added a comment to case 00128543 : "Test Subject". Please read the comment below and then click on the link to respond appropriately. These emails will also often come from


2) Each time you as the Case Owner are copied on emails sent from the New Comment Page.


For scenario 1:

This email is generated by the "Notify Case Owner of New Case Comments" setting found under the standard Case Support Settings, and operates independently of Email to Case Premium. To review and/or adjust your Case Support Settings, navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Cases | Support Settings.

Unfortunately at this time, the email template used with this setting is not configurable. This is a limitation of the Salesforce platform.

For those looking for a more customized notification, please consider one of the following options.
  • Enable Email Distribution  
  • Create a custom Workflow Rule, following the steps outlined below.
1. Create an email template in Salesforce with your desired look and feel. Be sure to include the Most Recent Public Comment merge field.
2. Navigate to Setup | Build | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules.
3. Click the New Rule button, select the Case Object and click Next.
4. Provide a name for your new rule and set the evaluation criteria to "created, and every time it's edited."
5. For Rule Criteria, select "formula evaluates to true" in the drop-down menu, and insert the following criteria:

LastModifiedById = '005x0000000xxxx'
6. Once complete, click Save & Next.
  • Note: You'll want to replace to User Id in the criteria with the User Id of your Email to Case Premium Context User. More information on locating and setting up your Context User can be found in the following knowledge article.
7. Under Immediate Workflow Actions, click the button labeled Add Workflow Action and select New Email Alert.
8. Provide a description and unique name for your new email alert, and select the template you created earlier.
9. For recipient type, select Owner in the drop-down menu and add the Case Owner into the Selected Recipients column.
10. Select the From Email Address you would like to alert to come from, click Save and then click Done on the following page.
11. Lastly, click the Activate button to successfully activate your new rule and run a test by sending an inbound email into an existing case.

For Scenario 2:
  • This is due to the Contact Substitution feature not being configured.
  • If you're using a Visualforce email template, and Contact Substitution has not been configured, the running user will be automatically copied on all outbound emails sent via Email to Case Premium.

Please Note: This KB article is provided as-is and the configuration of Workflow Rules is not supported within the scope of support provided with the application. For further assistance, please contact your Salesforce administrator, Salesforce implementation partner, or your Internet Creations Account Executive to inquire about professional services. 


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