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Case-Specific Hours for Case Flags


Case-Specific hours, also known as Case Level Flags, allow you to override the default and Account hours specified on an case-by-case basis. Case-Specific hours can be set individually or through Workflow Rules and Field Updates.


What is a typical use case for Case-Specific hours?
Case Flags can be updated on an individual basis right from the Case Detail page.  Case-Specific hours can also be set when specific case field criteria is met when using workflow Rules and Field Updates (or Triggers), though not directly supported by Internet Creations.  For example, you can make cases, with assets that have a value over $10,000, escalate in half the time.

Can I use Case-Specific hours for some cases and not others?
Yes, this can be accomplished using Workflow Rules and Field Updates when identified .

Can I standardize my Case-Specific hours and set pre-defined hours to named support levels?
Yes, if you have Enterprise or Unlimited Editions, you can create a custom pick list field with values for each of your support levels and use Workflow and Field Updates to set the CF hours X field accordingly. This approach also gives you the flexibility of having an Other option that doesn't use pre-defined hours.


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