Case Split Release Notes 1.901 - 1.908

What's New

  • Custom buttons can be used to automatically set the default value for fields on a new Case. See this Knowledge article on Setting Case Field Defaults with Custom Buttons for more details. (1.902)
  • Split to Existing Case: you can now specify an existing Case to split into. This feature can be enabled via the Enable split to existing Case setting within the Setup Wizard. Once enabled, users can move selected child objects from one Case to another. There is also a setting for Enable updating Case, which, when splitting to an existing Case, allows users to update the fields of the existing case. (1.904)
  • A button builder is now included in the package, which allows users to create custom Case Split buttons with selected settings and fields. (1.907)


  • Additional Attachment and EmailMessage fields are included when cloning records to the new Case. (1.906)

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue when using Split and Split Again where only the last split Case was being created has been resolved. (1.905)
  • Change the generated button type for console-enabled custom buttons. (1.908)
  • Fixed issue when related objects without CreatedDate field are enabled. Previously an error similar to "No such column 'CreatedDate' on entity 'CaseShare'. If you are attempting to use a custom field, be sure to append the '__c' after the custom field name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for appropriate names. (1.903)
  • Fixed issue where emails would not be auto-selected after the user selects Case Comments from the same created date/time. (1.908)

Known Issues


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