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Case Split Release Notes 1.913 - 1.917

What's New

  • The user now has the ability to add themselves as a Case Team Member. This behavior can be customized on the Case Split Settings page. [Change 00112490] (1.914-1.917)


Bugs Fixed

  • Hitting the Cancel button on the Split page when choosing an existing case to split to will no longer result in the following error: "Attempt to de-reference a null object 
    Error is in expression '{!cancel}' in component <apex:commandButton> in page csplit:casesplitter: Class.csplit.SplitterController.cancel: line 687, column 1" [Change 00114861] (1.915)
  • The Setup Wizard no longer throws an "Invalid id: none" error if there are no Case Team Roles in the organization. [Change 00114865] (1.915)

Known Issues


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