Case Split Release Notes 1.925 - 1.931

What's New

  • The Case Split setup wizard and associated pages have been updated match the Lightning Experience user interface. [Change 00150341] (1.925 - 1.928)


  • Side-by-side mode has been added on the Split page, allowing users to easily drag/drop items and compare between the original case and the new case. [Change 00144326] (1.925 - 1.928)

Bugs Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where attempting to use the Split and Split Again button in the console would take the user away from the Case Split page. [Change 00151616] (1.925)
  • Disabled highlight auto-copy on input fields [Change 00158157] (1.929 - 1.931)
  • Added setting in setup wizard to set amount of time within which a record is considered related, and will copy over with the original record on drag and drop (1.929)

Known Issues

  • Dependent picklists do not adopt new values properly when changing the controlling picklist value, and should be set manually until this issue is resolved (1.929)


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