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Case Split Release Notes 1.932 - 1.935

What's New

  • Web Email, Web Name, and Web Phone fields added to available fields in Case Split field set. [Change 00163756] (1.933)
  • Split & Close button has been removed for Lightning Experience users, as there is no standard "Close Case" page within Lightning. [Change 00163217] (1.933)
  • An arrow will now display next to each field on the Split page, making it even easier for users to copy values from the original case to the split case. [Change 00166517] (1.935)


  • New methods have been added to more gracefully handle errors if they are encountered [Change 00166517] (1.935)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed issue where some users were experiencing an "SObject row was retrieved via SOQL without querying the requested field: Case.OwnerId" error when splitting from Classic console. [Change 00164247] (1.934)
  • Fixed Calendar fields to better match Lightning Experience. [Change 00166517] (1.935)
  • Fixed an issue where copying over the Case Owner value would copy over the owner but not the owner type [Change 00166517] (1.935)
  • Fixed issue where moving an email message to the split case would not automatically copy over files related to that email message [Change 00168637] (1.935)
  • Fixed an issue where dragging over a child record (Case Comment, Email Message, File, etc.) would prevent the auto-copy functionality from working [Change 00168637] (1.935)

Known Issues


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